New Investors and Fresh Developments for Cogito Instruments

Dear Shareholders, Dear Followers,

The next phase of Cogito Instruments’ growth story has just recently started.

This comes following the success and the positive feedback of our early March event, when Cogito Instruments has demonstrated to a large audience of investors and mixed stakeholders its ability to deliver the desired A.I. solutions to a growing number of Industry 4.0 clients.

The event has marked an important step for Cogito Instruments , showing renewed evidences that our approach to move A.I. on the edge, where more and more sensors and machines are placed (as opposed to computing in the cloud with its inherent limitations), meets with the growing needs of the industry and also indicates a paradigm shift.

We are now happy to announce that early April has registered the conversion of a convertible loan issued in 2018. The total funds raised so far, from the founders and the seed investors who have followed-up, reach the amount of more than CHF 2.0mio.

The funding shall continue to serve the purpose of moving forward on our roadmap and complete, amongst other priorities, the filing of some key patents. These patents shall be instrumental in the definition of our new product generation, thus paving the way to approaching new markets where A.I. is set to play an ever-growing role, e.g. smart surveillance cameras, smart building and cities, IoT, etc. We are also glad to inform that, in coordination with our advisor SINNOPTIC, advanced talks are underway with a group of prime investors (VCs with a well-proven track record of successful investments in semiconductors, corporate VCs and private individuals) in order to arrange the next fundraising.

The funds ensuing from this A-Round shall be used to scale up the company and launch the prototyping phase, essential to achieving the ambitious milestones we have set up for our expansion in the growing markets mentioned above.

Please get in touch with should you wish to know more about our company and what makes it unique.

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