Cogito Instruments’ Private Event – Intelligent Machines: Some Real Industry 4.0 Cases

We are particularly pleased to share with you copy of the article that has been published by the Swiss newspaper ‘’Le Temps’’ on March 8 (see the full article as published in the paper edition and its on-line version).

The French text gives an account of the unique event that Cogito Instruments has arranged in Geneva on March 6, when a group of investors (venture capitalists, bankers and business angels) has gathered to hear about the latest developments and look into the investment opportunity offered by the company.

The senior executives of three multinational companies, i.e. GF Machining Solutions, Loccioni Group and Olilab, have gladly accepted to participate, thus explaining to the audience how Cogito Instruments has succeeded to deliver the desired solution for their real cases of Industry 4.0 applications.

The ‘’Fédération des Entreprises Romandes’’ served as the perfect venue for the set up of the different sessions that have marked the day and the final networking lunch.

The event has been greatly appreciated and has convinced a large number of participants of the extent of the markets and eventually of the potential covered by the technology.

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