Cogito Instruments has an innovative answer to your needs.

If you build robots, production or inspection machines,

If predictive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, or real-time data analytics are important to you,

Cogito Instruments’ products and services allow you to add ground-breaking machine learning and pattern recognition capability to your Industry 4.0 systems.

Hardware Subsystems

Cogito Instruments offers its first product, the CI9120, that allows you to perform pattern learning and classification.

Learning Tools

Cogito Instruments provides the software tools enabling an easy integration in your applications.

Engineering Services

 Cogito Instruments provides technical support and HW/SW customization services.

What makes us unique?

Real Time

We learn and then recognize in a matter of microseconds.

Our recognition latency is constant, no matter how large the dataset is.


Your data is safe and stored locally.

Your data stays under YOUR control, accessible 24/7.

Simple To Scale

Latency remains the same regardless of the network capacity.

Systems with multi-sensor analytics hubs are easy to implement.

Compact & Energy Efficient

4K neurons delivering 500+ Giga OPS consume less than 2 watts

Powerful data analytics can be embedded inside your smart machine.

Application Domains

Intelligent robotics


Predictive maintenance


Smart manufacturing control


Condition-Based Monitoring


Defect inspection


Selective sorting

Industrial IoT


Optical Character Recognition


Quality control